Kitchen Keepers is a blog for sharing good memories, good stories and good recipes.  I have been asked to record family recipes which have been favorites for many years, adding to their story every time they are prepared and enjoyed as well as those newcomers which have their own story.  Since I believe growing and preparing your own food is not only a pleasure but an art which is worthy of passing on, I am pleased to begin.

  Gathering around our table has been so much more than providing physical nourishment for me.  For as we gather, whatever the table shape may be, we form a circle, a place of conversation and knowing and caring.  Expressing our gratitude for the provision of food and family, giving thanks for bread and baker, we enter a sacred space. .

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    • In case you are wondering, I still haven’t mastered capturing the blogger icon and inserting it in my blog template…I must just be dense. Haven’t had time to work on it much, so hope to figure it out this coming week! Thanks again for thinking of me!


  1. Hi Mary Ann,
    I , too, have nominated you for the Thought Provoking Blog Award. Consider it a compliment and an opportunity to share your recipes with more people. No pressure to accept. If you like there is more info on my latest post… ~ Wendy


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