Sweet Cherry Cake

Strangely, a week after I published this post, I find that it has disappeared!  All except the title have vanished. Since we are in the middle of moving with little time for sleuthing, I need to delay my search for the photo and recipe content of the post.  In the meantime, I will do this week’s post.  This never happened to me before.  Any comments appreciated!

One thought on “Sweet Cherry Cake

  1. Good luck on finding your recipe in the “ether”. If someone ever were to check out the inner computer, it would probably be there lurking somewhere no one would ever have guessed it was.
    I can’t even make the recipe since I’m a diabetic. Do you ever create recipes for those of us who can’t have sugar or carbs in their many forms? Wish you would. Also wish you could tell us what the nutrition is for each of your recipes. A lot more work, probably, for you. Just thought I’d ask.


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