Opal’s Mexican Cornbread with Ground Beef


It is Mother’s Day weekend.  I have had both smiles and tears on my face as I cherished memories of the birth of each of my sons and thought about sweet times with them.  They are all fathers themselves now and are wonderful, caring husbands. They still show me they love me too!  Also,  I have thought often of my own mother this week, so I thought I would share one of her recipes with you.  This one, as others that I cherish which are written down in her beautiful handwriting, is written in pencil on a half sheet of what she would have called “scrap paper.”  She didn’t start making this until after I was married, but it was one of her favorites, always delicious.  It is still, after many years and many variations, one of our favorite ways to fancy up cornbread. I have presented it as much as possible in the same format as her writing.

Opal’s Mexican Cornbread with ground beef

from Patsy Hopkins (mother’s across the street neighbor)

Mix together:  1 cup cornmeal (she always used yellow)

1 #303 can cream style corn   (#303 can contains 16-17 ounces)

Add:              3/4 cup sweet milk, 2 eggs, 1/2 teaspoon soda and salt

 this recipe originated from the days when there was butter milk or sweet milk!

Mix above & set aside. Brown 1# ground meat & drain. Prepare spearately 1/2 lb. American cheese grated,  2 Jalepeno  peppers, 1 large chopped onion. (I add some chopped celery) – her note.

Grease a big iron skillet,sprinkle a little meal & let slightly brown. Pour half of batter.Sprinkle cheese, there (the?) meat onions, peppers. Pour rest of batter. Bake 45 min. or less or until brown.

Posted in honor of Opal Terrell Teal, 1913- 2006.

I will make this soon. Thank You, Mother!

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