The Egg and I


Aren’t these lovely brown eggs a study in simple beauty?  Few things among our kitchen staples are such perfect food for any meal,  both as stand-alone dishes and as ingredients. I love to make omelets, souffles, meringues, and custards, and of course use them in baking.  But the ways I most often use the farm fresh eggs we buy from All We Need Farms in Needville, Texas,are really very simple and require mostly minutes to prepare. Some of the photographs here have appeared along with a recipe previously in Kitchen Keepers.


The little red enameled cast iron skillet is perfect for a one dish meal:  sautéed spinach, onions, and red peppers with an egg poached on top.
014Quiche has so many possibilities!  Use bits of leftover vegetables, chop up garden fresh peppers and tomatoes, add your choice of ham, bacon, even shrimp!  Choose from your favorite cheeses, and season with fresh herbs or spices such as nutmeg and cayenne.  But the central ingredient is always the eggs!


Marbled Tea Eggs were fun to make, and a special treat, but the most time-consuming of egg preparations featured here.

We like Eggs Benedict, which also has any number of variations.  Again, although ingredients such as the English Muffins, Canadian Bacon, and Hollandaise used may be switched out and exchanged, the poached eggs on top remain!

Joe has always liked his eggs broken into a buttered cast iron skillet, cooked briefly until the white begins to turn before I reduce the heat to low, sprinkle a few drops of water into the pan and cover it, then cook just until the yolks begin to set.  I am not sure what method this is called in egg cookery, but the finished product is a cross between poached and sunny side up!  Our family also likes eggs scrambled and cooked on very low heat in a little butter.  I like to stir these scrambled eggs with chopsticks, and remove from heat when they are still a tad underdone.  The residual heat finishes the cooking and the eggs are soft and silky.  Tobasco Sauce is always on the table when we have eggs!

What is your favorite way to use eggs?   Are there special condiments you always serve with them?

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