Antipasto Skewers


Joe celebrated his 75th birthday last week.  He requested a family dinner and violin music!  He got both.- a wonderful evening of violin music performed by a friend who played all his requests and lasagna with all the trimmings.  These antipasto skewers were part of the appetizers served.  They are so easy to put together, and are perfect for an Italian meal.  Best of all – Maddie and Skye made them with a little help from Jeremy and Jordann!  Happy Birthday, Joe!

Small size bamboo skewers

Cherry or grape tomatoes

small mozzarella balls

fresh basil leaves


Thread a basil leaf onto the skewer, followed by a tomato. Fold the basil leaf over, then add mozzarella ball, ending with an olive.  Quantity depends entirely on how many you wish to serve.  We made about 4 dozen. Hint:  It helps to assemble at the sharp tip of the skewer, sliding each piece further down as you add another.

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