Figs Any Way You Like Them

This will be remembered as the summer we fell in love with figs!  My post last week illustrates how much we loved making a grilled pizza with them, but it seemed a shame to overlook some of the other ways I used them.  Having them sliced with some Greek  yogurt and honey as a simple back porch breakfast doesn’t need a recipe, but oh my, we certainly considered it a keeper!

I have made two batches of Fig Chutney!  This is wonderful on a grilled burger, or spread on a block of good cream cheese for serving with whole grain crackers or toast as a snack or appetizer.

A week of rain with its resulting drop in temperature has been so very welcome. However, it means that our fig tree has delayed ripening the few remaining figs. I enjoyed picking over a quart twice a day, and am glad I dried some figs at the peak of harvest. This is probably easier if you have a food dehydrator, but it worked pretty well in my convection oven. Aren’t the figs pretty, all lined up? The best part is they retain their moisture and wonderful flavor.

Making Dried Figs

A pound of fresh figs, or more as you like.

Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Wash figs gently in cool water. Drain, and roll in clean tea towel to blot dry. Trim any stems, and cut each fig in half lengthwise. Using a baking sheet with a rim, place figs cut side down in a single layer, but touching, so there is not space around them. Place pan in oven for one hour.

After one hour, turn the figs over. There will be some juice in the pan which you can rub the cut side in as you turn them, so they are coated in their juice. Put back into the oven and bake another hour. I like to set my oven timer so I don’t forget. Repeat this step as often as needed until the figs are wrinkly and sticky. Usually, one more hour (3 total) is about right. at this point, reduce to heat to 200 and keep checking until the liquid is used up and the figs become more solid. In about 30 minutes the figs will have the texture you expect in dried figs. Turn the oven off, and let them cool with the oven door shut.

Remove the cooled figs and store in a Ziploc bag in the refrigerator.

Ways to use them? Stuff with roasted walnuts or almonds and serve with wine and cheese, or use them in any recipe calling for dried figs.

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