Purple Hull Peas

Summertime when I was growing up in East Texas meant having fresh vegetables on the table. Tomatoes, yellow crookneck squash, onions, okra, mustard and turnip greens, melons, corn and peas. Blackeyed Peas, Crowders, Lady Peas, Field Peas, and best of all – Purple Hull! They may be the hardest of all to shell, but they are certainly the prettiest on the vine and the tastiest in the pot. I have tried lots of ways to cook them and things to put in them, but the way Grandma and Mother cooked them is still my favorite way to eat them – along with a hot pan of cornbread, of course! I even enjoyed shelling them. It took me almost an hour, but there is something very satisfying about popping these lovely peas with their lavender centers out of their pods and filling up the bowl. All they really need is a good rinsing, and into the pot with some bits of bacon and salt and pepper. Add water as necessary as the liquid cooks down. We like to eat them with some onion and tomato slices, chow chow or green tomato relish, and a wedge of crusty cornbread. Cook about an hour, or until done!

2 thoughts on “Purple Hull Peas

  1. I like crowders, too. A pot of peas and a slice of cornbread…yum! Of course, I wouldn’t turn down a bit of fried okra for a side!


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