Hobo Hamburgers

When Joe finishes a meal I have cooked for all 48 years of our marriage and says “I thnk this is maybe my favorite of anything you make”  – he gets a big smile and a hug and you get a blog post!  Honestly, the photograph doesn’t come close to showing what a great family meal this is.  At our house, it has been a meal for guests as well, because it can almost as easily be made for 12 as for two people around the table.  It also is a great make ahead one dish meal for busy weekends or to take with you for campouts. 

 Hobo Hamburgers

To serve 4 (adjust quantities as needed for additional servings)

4 ground sirloin or ground chuck patties

 8- 10 Small red potatoes  (or 3 peeled and sliced Yukon Gold potatoes)

Frozen mixed vegetables

1 onion, sliced thinly


salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and Tobasco

4 squares of heavy duty aluminum foil

Heat oven to 400. Place squares of foil in a row to build hamburgers. Spray lightly with cooking spray.  Place one ground beef patty on each square of foil.  Season with salt and pepper and a dot of butter.  Layer evenly divided potatoes and 1 cup frozen mixed vegetables, ending with onion slices.  Season each layer with salt and pepper.  Scatter dots of butter over top of onions.  Sprinkle with Worcestershire and a few drops of Tobasco.  gather up foil to close packet and place on baking sheet.  Bake 45 minutes to 1 hour or until meat is done and potatoes are tender.  Serve with crusty French bread and a green salad.

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