Sugar Scrub with Ginger and Almond

Occasionally I do come up with something inedible from my kitchen.  NOT because I burned it or messed up the recipe, but because I am not making food.  I have melted old crayons into muffin pans to make color muffins, made homemade playdough, baker’s clay, and lavender hand cream!  But last week I adapted a recipe from to try this sugar scrub for the face, and I like it well enough to pass on. 

Sugar Scrub with Ginger and Almond

1/4 cup unrefined coconut oil, found with cooking oils at supermarket.

1 Tablespoon chopped fresh ginger. 

1/4 cup almond oil, found in the cooking oils section of supermarket

3/4 cup granulated sugar

1/4 cup sea salt

6 drops of essential oil of your preference.  (Sweet orange, lemon, lavender, etc.)

Heat coconut oil and ginger in small pan over low heat for at least 5 minutes.  You should be able to smell the ginger as it cooks out into the oil. Strain and return to pan. While the oil is warm, mix in almond oil.  Stir and allow to come to room temperature before adding sugar, salt, and scented oils. Spoon into a jar.

When ready to use, rub a small amount onto wet face, let it rest for 2 minutes (longer if you wish), then cover your face with warm washcloth, steaming and enjoying the fragrance. Wipe excess scrub, rinse and repeat.  Smooth!

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