Cranberries on My Mind

Cranberries scooped out of a big tub filled with water and berries are pretty enough to keep in a bowl for a centerpiece, and a tasty main ingredient in dozens of nutritious and festive dishes.  This week Skye and I shopped for the berries, and made cranberry vinegar when we brought them home.  I have experimented with various herb vinegars, even rose petal vinegar, but this was my first to make with cranberries.  The preparation is simple.  Watching the vinegar blush, then color and deepen to glowing red was fun, and the cranberry vinaigrette Skye made for a Thanksgiving dinner salad was fresh, tart, and tasty.

                                              Cranberry Vinegar

Wash and pat dry 1 cup fresh cranberries

Bring 4 cups white vinegar barely to a boil.

Pour hot vinegar over berries in clean jar, cover with lid, and set outside in a sunny spot until desire color and flavor are achieved.  One recipe said leave outside for 2 weeks, but we were too impatient – we bottled ours on the second day!  When ready to bottle, strain and discard the berries and pour the vinegar into bottles which have lids or corks.  I like to keep mine refrigerated.

We also made Cranberry bread, and along with other desserts, I will serve a lovely English Wensleydale cheese with cranberries!   Cranberries on my mind!

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