Edith Brown’s Pancake Recipe

Our go to recipe for pancakes for a crowd at breakfast was given to us many years ago. It is typed on file card sized paper that has been dog eared, is as aged as parchment, and is brown-spotted. There are three things that make it unusual. One is that it is named for Edith Brown. I never met her and don’t know the story of how these pancakes became “hers”, but have had fun imagining how she became famous for her pancakes. Also, the ingredients leave you guessing. How much flour is “for proper consistency?” For that matter, what is proper consistency?” Experiment by adding the flour gradually and being ready to add more if you find it too thin when pouring the first pancake. The last thing that makes this a different recommendation?  There are no directions for cooking!  In the spirit of adventure….

                                              Edith  Brown’s Pancake Recipe

                                                   6 Eggs

                                                   1 Quart milk

                                                   6 Tablespoons sugar

                                                   3 Heaping Tablespoons Baking Powder

                                                   1 1/2 Sticks Oleo (I use butter)


                                                     Add flour for proper consistency

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